Derpythetroll16 or otherwise known as Cory Andrew Williams is Hyper Anon's account. He is a character from Andy and Hayley's adventure. He is the father of both of the protaganists of the same name.


Derpythetroll16 grew up with his older brother Herpderpapple10. However tragedy struck, due to the constant monsters and disasters, Herpderpapple10 was killed. While growing up, Derpythetroll16 lost his right arm in a accident due to the attacks of zombies and other monsters. He replaced his arm with a robot arm. Derpythetroll16 grew up and he met a woman named Nicole Diaz, after inviting her over to watch netflix (I'm pretty sure you know what happens next), Nicole was pregnant with twins, one's a boy and one's a girl. And that's how Andy and Hayley were born.