Derpythetroll16VIDEO is Derpythetroll16's youtube channel. Derpythetroll16 won't post videos about what he does in wiki but instead stuff that he does in Roblox and IRL. Believe it or not, Derpythetroll16 isn't the only cast member. The cast consists of Derpythetroll16, Derpythetrol13, Freddy8561, and XxdarkageknightxX.


  • Hyper Anon's account is only 2 weeks old.
  • XxdarkageknightxX is the most famous person on the channel, in fact Derpythetroll16 uses him to gain relevance.
  • The most viewed video Derpythetroll16 released had 28 views.
  • The longest video Derpythetroll16 has released was 4 minutes and 16 seconds long.
  • Derpythetroll16 is planning on making gaming videos, but he hasn't made any yet, however the closest he had to a gaming video was a series of videos animated using Roblox studio which is a video game.
  • Once the entire cast of the channel (Derpythetroll16, Derpythetrol13, Freddy8561, and XxdarkageknightxX) where almost arrested, after Derpythetroll16 was standing near his window on his phone and his neighbor (who was a girl) was tanning and it looked like Derpythetroll16 was stalking her while the rest of the cast was shouting at her through an open window and disturbing the peace.Luckily the cast managed to hide before said neighbor called her mom and thus avoided being arrest.
  • Originally Derpythetroll16 was going to upload a vlog of him taking a bubble bath for the first time in a long time with the bubbles censoring um......However Derpythetroll16 is considering uploading it, because it could potientally scar people and the video is pretty boring.(I'm not kidding)

Abuse AllegationsEdit


Derpythetroll16 has been in a lot of trouble recently for allegedy abusing the proucers of his channel, Derpythetrol13 and Freddy8561.

It all started in October 15 2017 when Derpythetroll16 and Derpythetrol13 where playing around, Derpythetrol13 (not jokingly) called Derpythetroll16 gay, which angered Derpythetroll16 (not because he's homophobic, he isn't), as a result, Derpythetroll16 started wrestling him and threatened to not come to his house, which Derpythetrol13 replied with telling Derpythetroll16 that he was annoying, as a result Derpythetroll16 punched him in the head and wrestled him to the ground, Derpythetroll16 grabbed his throat and repeatedly punched him in the face while shouting "I'm going to kill you for what you've said!" and also shouted "If you tell anyone I'm going to kill you!", Derpythetroll16 also screamed "I'm going to kill you! Do you hear me? I'm going to kill you!" multiple times, while also threatening to "cut off his tongue." Derpythetroll16 continously threatened to kill him multiple times, if he didn't apologize, Derpythetroll16 decided to let it slide and got off him. Freddy8561 paid no attention to the fight. Despite the fact that Derpythetroll16 had violently beat him for 5 minutes, Derpythetrol13 shrugged the incident off and played with Derpythetroll16.

Later Derpythetroll16 wanted Freddy8561 to sing karoake of Crybaby by Melanie Martinez but she refused too, even though it was her favorite song, and she liked singing, but she wasn't listening, so Derpythetroll16 dragged her off the bed, and made her sing along. She only sung the first verse, and demaned Derpythetroll16 to make her sing another song, but then changed her mind and didn't want to sing at all, this angered Derpythetroll16 because last time he visited her she bragged about her singing ablility, Derpythetroll16 started pushing her since he was still angry and wrestling her, but he was playfighting with her, however it escalated when she chomped on his hand, as a result the fight escalted with Derpythetroll16 hitting her in the head, and grabbing her, lifting her and throwing her on a bed, claiming the reason why he was hitting her was "punishment for everything she done during the vacation". He hit a couple times but it wasn't hard. She decided to tell her grandma. Derpythetroll16 tried to stop her, but it was to late, Derpythetroll16 was then angry and grabbed her and dragged her back into the room, and threw her on the bed. Derpythetroll16 then had no reason to stop, since it's too late, Freddy8561 already told. He resumed hitting her, and she kept on trying to escape, and Derpythetroll16 ended up dragging her back into the room. Derpythetroll16 then tackled Fredy8561 Eventually the fight escalated when Freddy8561 called Derpythetrol13 to attack Derpythetroll16 by jumping on his back and punching him, Derpythetroll16 punched him away, and blocked the door preventing either from escaping, Derpythetroll16 was really angry and jumped on Freddy8561 pinning her to the ground, he released a flurry of punches on her and grabbed her throat, he slowly started applying preassure while sitting on her chest making it hard to breathe, Derpythetroll16 threatened to kill her until Derpythetrol13 tackled him and the two wrestled with Freddy8561 lying on the bed, Derpythetroll16 started punching him while Derpythetrol13 bit his hand leaving a really big bite mark, trying to get him to release, Derpythetroll16 fell on Freddy8561's head leaving a bump causing her to cry. Derpythetroll16 grabbed her throat and her head, and started shaking her head, yelling "I'm going to kill you if you tell anyone! Do you hear me? I'm going to kill you!" Eventually the fight stopped when their grandma came into check, Derpythetroll16 left the room.

On October 28 2017, Derpythetroll16 got in trouble, but simataneously, he was lucky, he could be facing life for child abuse.

Youtube BeefEdit

Derpythetroll16 has been invovled in a huge youtube beef, between him and an unknown rising youtuber Yamakai Kanoosh. The youtuber made a video exposing him, acussing him of fighting kids against their own will, hurting a baby in the process of making his video, intentionally got a baby beat up and laughed at her, and almost killing 2 kids. He also attacked Darkageknight Plays accussing him of threatening a youtuber called Daisy Castro (who bullies Freddy8561) Darkageknight Plays responded to the video, debunking his points, 1 day later, Derpythetroll16 also responded escalating the beef,the beef might escalate more if Daisy Castro and her sister respond to the video. I love baby Dick's I eat them all day time I forced a little girl to have sex and when she had a baby I ate it.give me your babies im im into kids and teens and im targeting derpy and his cousin.I LOVE TO EAT BABY DICK'S AND DICKS -Yamakai Kanoosh Yamakai Kanoosh also accused Derpythetroll16 of having a baby mama but this is false since according to a youtube comment, Derpythetroll16 said he was sterile (he cannot produce babies), so he wouldn't have a baby mama if he couldn't produce kids.