Derpythetroll16VIDEO is Hyper Anon's youtube channel. Hyper Anon won't post videos about what he does in wiki but instead stuff that he does in Roblox and IRL. Believe it or not, Derpythetroll16 isn't the only cast member. The cast consists of Derpythetroll16, Derpythetrol13, Freddy8561, and XxdarkageknightxX. 


  • Hyper Anon's account is only 2 weeks old.
  • XxdarkageknightxX is the most famous person on the channel, in fact Derpythetroll16 uses him to gain relevance.
  • The most viewed video Derpythetroll16 released had 28 views.
  • The longest video Derpythetroll16 has released was 4 minutes and 16 seconds long.
  • Derpythetroll16 is planning on making gaming videos, but he hasn't made any yet, however the closest he had to a gaming video was a series of videos animated using Roblox studio which is a video game.
  • Once the entire cast of the channel (Derpythetroll16, Derpythetrol13, Freddy8561, and XxdarkageknightxX) where almost arrested, after Derpythetroll16 was standing near his window on his phone and his neighbor (who was a girl) was tanning and it looked like Derpythetroll16 was stalking her while the rest of the cast was shouting at her through an open window and disturbing the peace.Luckily the cast managed to hide before said neighbor called her mom and thus avoided being arrest.
  • Originally Derpythetroll16 was going to upload a vlog of him taking a bubble bath for the first time in a long time with the bubbles censoring um......However Derpythetroll16 is considering uploading it, because it could potientally scar people and the video is pretty boring.(I'm not kidding)

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