Freddy8561 is  Derpythetroll16's friend.

She was created in 4/9/2015

The person who played her pooped in the woods and her poop was green. Derpythetroll16 met her in person. Derpythetroll16 saw her poop in the woods. She wanted to have beautiful hair in roblox. She also has a lot of other accounts such as Adagio56(her named based of the my little pony rainbow rocks character). Sofia1956


. Trixie72(her name based off of the wizard in My little pony). Sunset56(her name based off of Sunset Shimer from My little pony equestria girls and rainbow rocks)Rinotu
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89. She is a pegasister because most of her accounts and her avatars have something to do with my little pony. Freddy8561 was her first account.You wonder why she wears a Rarity Equestria Girls pants because she likes Rarity so much. Her name was based of off the titular main antagonist in Fnaf 1. She comes over to Derpythetroll16's house a lot. She really wants Robux, and likes wearing sandals,






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