I'd like to give a special shoutout to Fox ADHD for making the scientifically accurate series which inspired me. Anyway I  have to admit that the song will have swear words even though my wiki has limited swearing you can swear if you are making an article. Also I wourn't be swearing much and censorning one of the curse words. It may seem innoproate but that's how ADHD makes theirs. I don't hate Mario this is just a parody

Time for the childhood bustah Ahem This sang to the tune of the Mario theme song like most scientifically accurates. Here goes.

Scien-tifically Accurate

Mario and Luigi

Dinosaurs have very big d*cks

and how Mario's brain isn't obliterated by that brick

They live in Italy

and italy has a lot of gansters

So Mario's coins come from Bankers

Also Donkey-Kong is an ape

and apes throw their shit

at your face 

so you better be pissed

And Koopas are tortoises 

and tortoises eat rocks and stone

they are lathargic 

and very slow

Also Boswer's fi-re wou-ld burn

Mario and Luigi to a crisp

Since Bowser is a dino tortoise

He got hit by a meteorite in the k9 extinction

Which would explain why he has pyrokenis

And just listen to this

Scientists says that Dinos were Sex Addicts

Which is why Peach won't let him in

Yoshi's high jump was evolved so dinos can pounce on their prey

And Yoshi's a velociraptor which would explain his speed so that's what I have to say.

And Mario's upgrades are drugs

We're pretty sure

and that bob ombs are inspired by cannon shells

from the italian war

And If Mario ate the super mushroom he would die

because he would get infected with fungi!