Hyper Anon:One day one man named Steve was trapped in the wild where he had to survive-

Doge:Like Bear Grylls. Did he drink his own-

Spongebob and Hyper Anon:No!

Spongebob:so Steve had to use his wits to survive multiple monsters. And build wonderful houses



first appearence:Minecraft(2009)

Occupation:Building,mining,and killing monsters.

Can do a lot of stuff I mean at lot.

Doge:Steve is very smart and can outsmart his opponents! Multiple times! So if he was so smart why doesn't he find away to escape?

Hyper Anon:Don't know anyway don't forget his trusty diamond sword.

Doge:Hell yeah! Anyway it is very tough and can kill most monstors with ease. Not as good as a zombie first person shooter game but still good enough. But guys where is the part where he slices them down the middle spilling blood and guts everywhere.

Spongebob:It's a kid's game. He also weilds his pickaxe,shovel,and axe. The pickaxe can mine through stone, the shovel can dive through sand,and the axe can-

Doge:cut off the heads of zombies,skelatons,spiders,and what the hell is that thing(the creeper) is that a dick?

Spongebob: The axe can hurt zombies, that's a creeper,and the axe can also chop wood.

Hyper Anon:He can also break blocks with his fists,beat monsters to death with them,and can lift heavy blocks.