Shulk vs Sora


Wiz: our last sword battle was Link vs Cloud but we will do another sword battle Shukk the wielder of Monado

Boomstick: and Sora the wielder of the Keyblade he's wiz and I'm Boomstick ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE

Death Battle

Sora: Goofy and Donald lets go

Shulk slices Goofy and Donald in half

Sora: you killed my partners

Shulk: it's time to die

Shulk is in Buster mode


Shulk slashes Sora 5 times Sora quickly hits him 3 times

Sora stabs Shulk

Shulk grabs him slices him 19 times killing him



Boomstick: Whoa this is brutal Sora can't even catch a break

Wiz: The winner is Shulk
Shulk the winner

Next Time

Pikachu vs Agumon

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