XxdarkageknightxX or otherwise known as his youtube account Darkageknight Plays is a youtuber, and video producer. He is also Derpythetroll16's friend and Derpythetroll16 knows him IRL. He joined in August 1 2016. However that wasn't the first time he played Roblox. He has been playing since 2011-2012. He had an previous account called Growbear123, which joined in 2014, but he doesn't use the account anymore due to it's lack of Robux. According to an interview he is planning on giving away the acocunt (Growbear123 not his current account) on youtube if he gets a certain amount of subscribers, the first viewer is the owner of the account, however it's unknown if Derpythetroll16(even though he won't use the account since Derpythetroll16 won't ever get another account because he's thankful for the one he has and doesn't want to lose everything), Derpythetrol13, and Freddy8561 count.

Videos he made/appeared in.Edit

Best friendsEdit

Darkageknight Plays doesn't appear in this video. However he made the video. The video is 15 seconds long and consists of pictures of Roblox players (presumingly his friends) played with an exerpt from the chorus of the song of the same name made by the parody band, The Janoskians. However the video was taken down in early september.


Darkageknight Plays shows the audience jello in a Mcdonalds soda cup. He then pours said jello into a bowl and he and Derpythetrol13 cut it with a knife. The video ends with Darkageknight Plays eating said Jello.This video was unfortunately taken down due to to the boringness of the video.

The Hamster Dance (LYRICS)-Hampton The HamsterEdit

It is shown in Darkageknight Plays's room, However Darkageknight Plays himself doesn't make a physical appearence, but he is the camera man recording a video of the lyrics of the hamster dance.This video was taken down because it was recored badly.

Fidget ReviewEdit

Darkageknight Plays shows the audience his collection of fidget spinners while spinning them. This video was taken down for being with an old friend that betrayed him.

Solgaleo pokemon pack.Edit

Darkageknight plays opens up a pack of pokemon cards and shows the cards he has. This video was taken down for being boreing

mint challenge! ft. derpythetroll16Edit

This video features Derpythetroll16. The video consits of Darkageknight Plays, Derpythetroll16, Derpythetrol13, and Freddy8561 eating mint strips. This was part of a challenge. Whoever drinks water last is the winner. While the only remaining combatants are Freddy8561 and Darkageknight Plays, Darkageknight Plays shows the audience his collection of cups. In the end, Freddy8561 and Darkageknight Plays both tie.This was taken down because everyone was over reacting a little.

Fidget commercialEdit

The video begins with Darkageknight Plays bored. He decides to buy a fidget spinner. When he does, he loses it. He then decides to buy more. He advertises the different fidget spinners he bought. This was inspired by Derpythetroll16's commercial which was taken down. Darkageknight plays' video was taken down because it was way too cringy.

Darkageknight Plays has also appeared in some of Derpythetroll16's videos.

Derpythetroll16's Wrestling Tournament feat Darkageknight Plays, derpythetrol13, and Freddy8561Edit

After Derpythetroll16 greets the audience, he says "Featuring Darkageknight Plays!". Throughout the video he is a camera man and the announcer until the 2:13 mark, where he jumps on the bed to wrestle Derpythetroll16. He defeats Derpythetroll16 in a rather anticlimatic fight via charging at him, wrestling him to the ground, and body slamming him just in case. The fight only lasted 5 seconds. Derpythetroll16 tries to start a rematch by trying to kick him only for Darkageknight Plays to karate chop Derpythetroll16's leg. Darkageknight Plays ends the video by saying "Peace out Derpy Squad!"

Derpythetroll16-Most epic anime fight feat. Darkageknight plays/XxdarkageknightxX and Derpythetrol13Edit

Darkageknight Plays wrestles Derpythetrol13. After Derpythetrol13 tries to throw Darkageknight Plays, Darkageknight Plays grabs Derpythetrol13, knees him in the crotch, jumps while slamming his fist on him, and throws him. In order to make the fight more climatic, Derpythetroll16 makes up a new rule, in order to win, you have to pin your opponent to the ground for 3 seconds. Darkageknight Plays throws Derpythetrol13, and the two engage in a bear hug only for Darkageknight Plays to throw Derpythetrol13 again. Derpythetrol13 tries to grab Darkageknight Plays's arms only to be thrown to the ground disorienting him. Derpythetrol13 tries to throw a punch at Darkageknight Plays's only to miss but instead grab his arm. Darkageknight Plays uses his superior strength to easily force the grip off. The two proceed to face each other. Derpythetrol13 manages to punch Darkageknight Plays only to be kneed in the groin, grabbed, and lifted. Derpythetrol13 tries to punch his opponent in one last ditch effort only to be thrown to the ground one final time. While Derpythetrol13 tries to recover, Darkageknight Plays pins his opponent to the ground and pins him on the ground for 3 seconds.

Derpythetroll16-The most epic anime fight part 2 feat Darkageknight Plays and Derpythetrol13 Edit

Derpythetroll16 and Darkageknight Plays wrestle each other. Darkageknight Plays rams into Derpythetroll16 and grabs him, but fails to throw him. Derpythetroll16 manages to kick his opponent only for Darkageknight Plays to grab his leg. After both kick at each other, Derpythetroll16 manages to grab Darkageknight Plays and rides him like a horse while slapping him to go faster. Derpythetroll16 manages to kick him and almost knocks him on the ground. After Derpythetroll16 tries to kick his opponent, Darkageknight manages to grab his opponent's leg and throws it on the ground. Darkageknight Plays later rams into his opponent and sends him back a few feet. Derpythetroll16 tries to slap Darkageknight Plays only for Darkageknight Plays to grab his hand, twist it, then restrain Derpythetroll16. Derpythetroll16 however has him in a headlock. Derpythetroll16 manages to break out of bear hug by biting at his opponent's hand. Derpythetroll16 later shoves Darkageknight Plays at Derpythetrol13 who is the camera man. Darkageknight Plays grabs Derpythetroll16 and lifts him only to fail to throw him. Derpythetroll16 later chases Darkageknight Plays and grabs his shoulder, stopping him. Derpythetroll16 tries to grab Darkageknight Plays but Darkageknight Plays grabs his leg, but fails to get Derpythetroll16 on the ground. Derpythetroll16 rapidly punches Darkageknight Plays in a Jojo's Bizare Adventure reference, shortly before rearing back a punch and throwing it, almost causing him to collide with the Camera Man. In the end the two collide with each other which is so powerful they almost knock over Derpythetrol13. While they were fighting, Darkageknight Plays grabs Derpythetroll16 and throws him, pinning him to the ground for 3 seconds, before he can get back up. Darkageknight Plays says goodbye to the audience.

Dinosaur Simulator The Movie TrailerEdit

XxdarkageknightxX makes a cameo, where he along with Derpythetrol13 and Freddy8561 are standing in front of a helicopter, which is going to go to the island where the dinosaurs from dinosaur simulator live.

Roblox Bully Story High School Horror- Part 1Edit

He makes a brief appearence as a student in Maddie's class.

My first Roblox gaming video! Kohl's Admin House! Feat Darkageknightplays!Edit

Darkageknight Plays greets youtube in this video. Derpythetroll16 asks him if he's going to "upload that video" which is actually a presumingly deleted video of a vlog at mcdonalds, they were at the playground. He says he's going to upload it later, but never did. He does appear in the background and does multiple commands but doesn't speak that much. 

Roblox Bully Story High School Horror Part 2Edit

He has more of a role than he did in the previous segment. He appears in Sheila's party along with Freddy8561 and Derpythetrol13. When Maddie tells them she is being bullied by Sheila, Darkagenight Plays says he's going to teach Sheila a lesson. When Sheila confronts Maddie, Darkageknight Plays threatens to stomp Sheila in the face with his extra large crocs, enraged. Later when Sheila gives out carrot cake, Darkageknight Plays says carrot cake is "trash" and wishes he was Maddie since he would rather not eat anything at all than carrot cake. He later thanks Maddie and Luis for stealing him some chocolate cake.

roblox:arc of the forbidden elements new lightning flame dragonslayer arcEdit

He demonstrates arcs and runs across the village fairly quickly to preform them. He later siphons health from Derpythetrol13 and heals him back using shock.

Roblox:arc of the forbidden element~how to use arc changerEdit

He demonstrates how to use Arc charger

Kohl's admin gameplay feat Darkageknight PlaysEdit

He also doesn't appear much but he appeared in a couple scenes where he TPs Derpythetroll16 but kills him and Derpythetrol13with a slegehammer because he wanted to test it out.  Derpythetroll16 he hits him with a sledgehammer to send him out of the obby. He does this three times. The first time,  he kills Derpythetroll16. The second time is sucessful but he ends up killing Derpythetroll16 by hitting him once with the hammer since he got injured when he sent him out of the obby . The third time was sucessful but it removes Derpythetroll16's hair and hat. When Derpythetroll16 flies up the tower, Darkageknight Plays can be briefly seen in the background as Derpythetroll16 flies.

Ultimate Wrestling Tournament feat. DarkageKnight plays and Derpythetrol13Edit


Ultimate Wrestling Tournament part 2 feat. DarkageKnight plays and Derpythetrol13Edit


This was Darkageknight Play's latest live action apparence in Derpythetroll16's videos.

Roblox Toy StoryEdit

He isn't a character but his hands appear in the video. The video is the story of how Roblox was lonely so he made a friend which was evil, he made another which killed the evil friend. The video was taken down due to copyright.

Vlog 1Edit

He and his friend Edison start walking through the city. The video was taken down because he is no longer friends with Edison.

Vlog 2Edit

He and his friend Edison go to a train station. They later go to a toy store. This video was taken down for the same reason. The reason as to why they hate each other is because Edison put hot sauce in Darkageknight Plays's soda.

Banana Sings "I will always love you" vineEdit

He holds a banana which has the peel cut open to resemble a mouth, he makes the peel move while the song "I will always love you" plays, making it look like the banana was singing. The video was taken down for being boring.


He doesn't physically appear but is mentioned because Derpythetroll16 shouts him out for standing up to Daisy Castro.


He also doesn't physically appear but his name appears in Derpythetroll16's subscription list.

dj earworm(do what you wanna do)mash upEdit

He doesn't physically appear but he creates a mashup of songs. Might be deleted even †hough he gave credit to owner still go copy righted.

Roblox Bully Story - High School Horror Part 3! It's finally out!Edit

This is Darkageknight Plays's first appearence in Derpythetroll16's videos for 6 months. It's also his first appearence in 2018. He appears at school in lunch talking to Bryson and Chloe. He says Sheila deserves to get arrested for bullying and trying to kill people. When Bryson asks Darkageknight Plays how was the party, Darkageknight Plays says it was boring but the highlight was that Maddie and Luis stole them some chocolate cake, he also says Denis drank pee and got food poisoning. When Bryson asks Darkageknight Plays what happened to Denis and Luis, Darkageknight Plays says that Denis is in the hospital because his tongue died, and his stomach got damaged, he also says that he doesn't know what happened to Luis, he reveals that Luis was unconsious and he was lying on the floor when they left the party (due to the taser), Darkageknight Plays asks Bryson and Chloe, how their baby was doing. When Chloe tells him that the baby is healthy even though, Sheila and her bully friend hit her stomach Darkageknight Plays later her that if Sheila's bully friends ever try to hurt her baby, he'll stomp them in the face with his extra large crocs, enraged. (a reference to High School Horror Part 2.)

ROBLOX termination warningEdit

His roblox account got warned for uploaded innapropriate images that weren't inappropriate.decided to delete because doesnthave sound because something is wrong with youtube.

Dinosaur Simulator The MovieEdit

He's going to appear in the movie both in live action and in Roblox.

Derpythetrol13 fuedEdit

In early-mid september, Darkageknight Plays got into a fight with Derpythetrol13 and his grandma. It reportedly happened when Derpythetrol13's grandma forced him to play with the baby, however Darkageknight Plays forced him to play. Derpythetrol13's grandma realized that Darkageknight Plays was stopping Derpythetrol13 from playing, and thus canceled the sleepover, Darkageknight Plays then got into a fight with Derpythetrol13 and left his house, possibly never to return until summer. As a result Derpythetrol13 was dropped as the co-producer of Darkageknight Plays's content.

Boxing Match with Derpythetroll16Edit

On possibly late december to early january, Derpythetroll16 and Darkageknight Plays are said to be in a boxing match. Derpythetroll16 originally was going to challenge him in September 30 2017 in a video but the video never made it to youtube. However Derpythetroll16 did challenge him in October 15 2017. Darkageknight Plays did accept it.

Quitting youtubeEdit

Darkageknight Plays has retired from youtube, when Derpythetroll16 joined youtube, Darkageknight Plays was slowly quitting. Darkageknight Plays has lost interest and most his videos were filler.


  • Despite his name being Darkageknight Plays, he is yet to make a gaming video.
  • Darkageknight plays and Derpythetroll16 were originally both going to record a video at the same time and at the same place  (both of the videos would be the same just the different perspective for both) both of the videos was going to be a reaction video. However that was reschedueled due to both of them having problems with storage.
  • Darkageknight plays might feature Derpythetroll16 in a future video, or vice versa.